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Authenticated Collections(AC) DebiCheck


The Authenticated Collections Project was operationally launched by the banking industry in July 2017 and will be implemented over a two-year period. DebiCheck as a new type of debit order will protect consumers from debit orders processed against their bank accounts without their permission.

In addition, the Authenticated Payment Stream will protect NAEDO Users from consumers who abuse the payment system by raising disputes and claiming that no authority was given to debit their bank account, however, the true reason for raising the dispute is for cash management purposes.

Way Forward

NAEDO Users who want to continue processing debits in the Early Morning Window (directly after salary credits were paid into bank accounts) will be required to become a participant in the Authenticated Payment Stream.

During the inception of their agreement with you; your clients will electronically and on a once-off basis, must confirm the details of your debit order and approve the debit order prior to the first debit being presented against their bank account

Some of the authentication mechanisms that the banks will deploy to obtain the approval are SMS, USSD (using cellular contact numbers and cellular technology), Internet Banking, Banking Apps, ATM’s and in the face to face market Card and PIN.

Intecon has been involved both on a business and technical level in the design, development and, implementation of DebiCheck through our participation in various workgroups and forums.

We have been Authenticating Debit Orders since 2006 by catering for the creation and processing of AEDO payment instructions through ALLPS-i in both an office and mobile office based environment.

We have all the experience to ensure that we can assist all types of businesses with an advanced and seamless implementation of DebiCheck be it from call center based businesses or face-to-face interaction with clients.

We will support all available transaction types through our front-end solution ALLPS-i or a web services SOAP XML based integrated solution.

As a trusted service provider founded in 1996 selected clients have been processing DebiCheck transactions since AC inception (July 2017). We can assist you with all your AC requirements, provide integration specifications, test and stage for migration and arrange demonstrations of our solutions.

It is never too early to discuss your DebiCheck implementation strategy with an experienced, comprehensive payment processor and service provider – complete our contact form and one of our knowledgeable Consultants will be in touch.

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