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Debit & Collections Info

Below is vital information relating to our collective payment options:

Early Debit Order

EDO is an acronym for Early Debit Order.

As the name implies it essentially means that debit orders will be presented early in the morning immediately after banks have processed salary credits.

Authenticated Early Debit Order

AEDO payment instructions are created using the payers bank card and PIN, therefore authenticating the payment instruction.

Non-Authenticated Early Debit Order

NAEDO payment instructions are created using the payers bank account details.

EFT Debit

EFT Debits previously known as ACB / Magtape Debits is an electronic exchange or transfer of money from one account to another where a business or organisation debits the account of their customer.

Choose a Payment Stream

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The term "Integration" essentially means that the client information contained within the businesses Debtor Management System is used to provide Intecon with the information required to create a payment instruction. Moreover, the responses received back from Intecon can then be automatically posted into the Debtor Management System.

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Our Solutions have been designed and developed in order to make the management of collections and payments efficient and highly effective. Your Success is Our Success...

ALLPS-i is an advanced web based front-end payment management system.

The system that has been developed and improved upon since 1995 contains all of the functionality and reporting that allows for the effective management of payment instructions.

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